First italian production of organic and vegetable drinks


The Bridge was founded by Margherita and Ernesto Negro Marcigaglia in a small village in the mountains of Lessini (in the north of Italy). Ernesto was born in a family of farmers. In the 90’s he decided to stop his business – the production of leather gloves – and to head in a completely new direction – the production of organic, vegetable drinks – back then completely unknown in Italy.
In 1994, after two years of intense research, Ernesto, together with his son Paolo, launched the first italian organic rice drink. Ever since all products are 100% organic and 100% vegan tested and guaranteed by ICEA (Italian Institute for organic certificates); company products are cholesterol and lactose free and most of them are gluten free.
Today The Bridge has 70 employees, is producing electric energy with 100% renewable energy and exports worldwide to over 50 countries (export 2018 = 80 %).


All of our products are made with spring water coming directly from the mountains of Lessini in our village in the north of Italy.
We use carefully chosen organic raw materials such as our rice grown in the Po Valley of Italy – our principal product.
All raw materials we find in Italy we buy in Italy, such as our almonds from Sicily and soya from Italy. Our ingredients are selected according to their high quality and traceability. It’s crucial for us to work in solidarity with our producers, having long term contracts that give them the possibility to hold their standards.
We are enriching our products with sufflower oil – one of humanities oldest crops – which has very special characteristics and offer a young and stylish packaging design that stands out on the shelfs with amusing story telling that attracts the target group.


Bio Rice Drink Natural
Bio Rice Drink Almond
Bio Rice Drink Brown Rice
Bio Rice Drink Cacao
Bio Rice Drink Coconut
Bio Rice Drink Vanilla
Bio Rice Drink Hazelnut
Bio Rice Drink Moka
Bio Rice Drink Calcium
Bio Oat Drink Natural
Bio Oat Drink Cacao
Bio Oat Drink Calcium
Bio Oat Drink Gluten-Free
Bio Oat Drink Barista
Bio Almond Drink
Bio Almond Sugarfree
Bio Almond Drink Original
Bio Almond Drink Pure
Bio Protein Drink
Bio Spelt Drink
Bio Quinoa Drink
Bio Buckwheat
Bio Brazil Nut
Bio Coconut Drink
Bio Soya Drink
Bio Soya Drink Vanilla

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