Artesian water from Sardinia


Smeraldina has been a success story for more than 30 years. The driving force behind the business is the Solinas family, whose founder, Giovanni Maria Solinas, has passed on to his sons.
Smeraldina Artesian Water comes from the heart of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its extraordinary beauty and miles of untouched nature, a paradise, and the home of our family owned business since 1985. Thanks to its position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a long way from the effects of industrial and environmental pollution, and its ecosystem is one of the most pristine due to the absence of intensive agriculture and one of the lowest levels of urbanization in all of Italy.


Smeraldina water comes from the unspoiled mountain of Tempio Pausania and Mount Limbara, famous for the quality and abundance of their pure, light water and the ancient mineral salts that enrich it. Naturally filtered by granite, Smeraldina is a precious, natural mineral water, a source of wellbeing. Smeraldina water is bottled directly at the source using state of the art technologies, is bacteriologically pure and provides the right balance of sodium, potassium calcium and magnesium, useful for strengthening bones, blood circulation and for the body’s hepatic functions.
The company invests in research and innovation to ensure the quality and appeal of its brand and captures the growing trend for sustainable packaging.

Smeraldina is the only Italian Artesian Water offered in the recyclable Tetra Pak® packaging.


Exclusive Tetra Pak® Packaging

0.50 lt.

Glass line

1 lt. natural
1 lt. sparkling
0.75 lt. natural
0.75 lt. sparkling
0.50 lt. natural
0.50 lt. sparkling
0.25 lt. sparkling

PET line

1.5 lt. natural
1 lt. natural
1 lt. sparkling
0.50 lt. natural
0.50 lt. sparkling
0.25 lt. natural


Smeraldina is Quality, Environmentally, Safety and Kosher certified.
Recognized for the exceptional taste, Smeraldina was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Bottled Water 2019 at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

SMERALDINA Corporation The Empire State Building 350 Fifth Avenue 59th Floor New York, NY 10118
tel. 212-601-2886
Acqua Smeraldina
Località Monti di Deu, 07029 Tempio Pausania (OT)
tel. +39 079 631486