From the best olives the best extra virgin olive oil since 1953


The origins of Italtipici are in the last century, when the Di Carlo family moved from Balvano to Vietri di Potenza, a small village in the south of Italy, where in 1953 as the only owner, it began the olive oil trading activities. Thus today Italtipici is involved in the production of packaged edible oils and other typical food products of the Mediterranean diet together with Di Carlo and Carito brand.
All the energies look at the customers’ needs and requirements, starting from the quality and safety of the products up to the environmental protection. Our production plant and offices are in Buccino (SA), Campania, next to Basilicata and Calabria regions. A strategic position, near the highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria and near the main ports of south of Italy: Salerno and Naples.


The extra virgin olive oil is the main protagonist food of the Mediterranean diet: healthy, rich in polyphenols (natural antioxidants) and vitamin E, it fights free radicals and body aging, regulates blood cholesterol levels and has a protective function in the circulatory system. From the 1950s, within the Mediterranean basin, where the olive-growing tradition has its roots, Italtipici selects the best olives to obtain a blend that is as harmonious as possible, capable of enhancing multiple dishes. Italtipici extra virgin olive oil is an “extra-juice”, that is a fruit juice obtained 100% from the fruit of the olive tree, exclusively by mechanical procedures without any chemical-physical process. As per tradition, it is packaged as soon as it is pressed in order to respect its peculiarities and characteristics. To protect the oil from light and to preserve its quality over time, Italtipici – first company in Italy – has chosen to use Tetra Pak® packages in addition to dark bottles and cans.


Di Carlo

Organic 100% italian extra virgin olive oil, 1 lt.
100% italian extra virgin olive oil, 1 lt.
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 lt.
Olive oil, 1 lt.
Extra virgin olive oil in single use 12 ml. (in dispenser with 100 pieces and in pack with 5 pieces)


Organic 100% italian extra virgin olive oil, 1 lt.
100% italian extra virgin olive oil, 1 lt.
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 lt.


Italtipici has the following certifications:
• BRC grade A
• Organic certification
• N.O.P.
• ISO 9001
• ISO 45001
• ISO 14001
• Kosher
• OHSAS 18001
Certificate by Bureau Veritas, Certiquality and Suolo & Salute, all accredited by ACCREDIA

ITALTIPICI S.R.L. Zona Industriale, Lotto nr. 7
84021 Buccino (SA) Italy
tel. +39 0828 957081