caffè gioia

A complete line of Organic Coffee 100% Arabica


It all starter over half a century ago, when Mr. Domenico Gioia bought from an Italo-American man a grocery store, in which he not only sold several products but he was also used to roast raw coffee, to create handicraft blends and handmade packaging. So far, passion and devotion for this activity have not changed: they have favoured the continuous technological innovation research, without omit the usual care that has always marked the company in the creation of very high qualities blends. Thanks to the quality of its products, Caffè Gioia is nowadays present in more than 40 countries of all the five continents, including East Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean area’s countries, taking advantage of the opportunities offered to PMI to expand among difficult markets.
The company is at the third generation of the Gioia family and this year celebrates its seventy years of activity.


Caffè Gioia Organic Coffee 100% Arabica is a 100% Arabic Peruvian single-origin coffee, grown in the shade of the Amazon forests exclusively with organic methods, without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
It’s a gourmet coffee, hand picked (picking method) selecting only the cherries, or drupes, ripe.
Once harvested, the bean is stripped, washed and dried in the sun, so as to ensure the highest quality of the green coffee from where we then leave for the subsequent stages of processing. Coffee roasting is carried out with machines that cook with hot air, without contaminating the beans with the combustion fumes, which normally happens with traditional roasters. In cup it results from the sweet and aromatic taste, from the light body and to low natural content of caffeine.


Gioia Organic Coffee 100% Arabica available in
grains, ground for mocha, paper pods and capsules compatible with the major extraction systems.


The company has achieved during the time certification H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Program), Gosstandardt for Russian market and others internationals certifications, Kosher, Organic, and has extended since many years the quality management system ISO 9001.
Gioia Organic Coffee 100% Arabica has been awarded this year by the International Taste Institute of Brussels with the Superior Taste Award and is guaranteed by the COFFEE FROM PERÙ mark of origin.

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